APPRENTICESHIP - Engineering Operative

Job Description

With the Engineering Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship you will spend time learning about the whole production process which includes:

  • plasma cutting
  • metal forming
  • powder coating
  • machine assembly
  • welding

At the end of your apprenticeship, you will be able to choose your preferred area/function to specialise in. You will be working alongside industry specialists to learn and develop skills in an exciting and expanding industry.

Requirements and Prospects

  • Qualifications Required: Grade 3 GCSE (E) or above in English and Maths
  • Skills Required: Ability to work as part of a team, good communication skills, previous knowledge/interest in engineering
  • Personal Qualities: Good work ethic, motivated, willingness to learn
  • Future Prospects: On successful completion of the apprenticeship there is a possibility of a future job role.



  • How to obtain the necessary job instructions, engineering drawings and specifications and how to interpret them.
  • Relevant statutory, quality, environmental compliance procedures/systems, organisational and health and safety regulations relating to engineering operations.
  • Their individual roles and responsibilities within the organisation and the flexibility required to support the achievement of company targets.
  • Engineering operational practices, processes and procedures.
  • Potential problems that can occur within the engineering operations and how they can be avoided.


  • Work safely at all times, complying with health and safety legislation, regulations, environmental compliance procedures and systems and other relevant guidelines.
  • Identify and deal appropriately with any risks, hazards, hazardous situations and problems that may occur within the engineering environment within the limits of their responsibility.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills which include oral, written, electronic.
  • Complete appropriate documentation accurately, efficiently and legibly using the correct terminology where required.
  • Obtain and follow the correct documentation, specifications and work instructions in accordance with time constraints and the roles and responsibilities identified for the engineering activities, extracting the necessary data/information from specification and related documentation
  • Select and use appropriate tools, equipment and materials to carry out the engineering operation.
  • Deal appropriately with any problems that may occur within the manufacturing environment within the limits of their responsibility
  • Always work efficiently and effectively maintaining workplace organisation and minimising waste.


  • Personal responsibility and resilience: Comply with the health and safety guidance and procedures, be disciplined and have a responsible approach to risk, work diligently regardless of how much they are being supervised, accept responsibility for managing time and workload and stay motivated and committed when facing challenges.
  • Work effectively in teams: Integrate with the team, support other people, consider implications of their own actions on other people and the business whilst working effectively to get the task completed.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills: An open and honest communicator, communicates clearly using appropriate methods, listen well to others and have a positive and respectful attitude
  • Focus on quality and problem solving: Follow instructions and guidance, demonstrate attention to detail, follow a logical approach to problem solving and seek opportunities to improve quality, speed and efficiency.
  • Continuous personal development: Reflect on skills, knowledge and behaviours and seek opportunities to develop, adapt to different situations, environments or technologies and have a positive attitude to feedback and advice.

To Apply:

Head to the Apprenticeship Vacancies page on the Truro & Penwith College website:

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