Poultry Proficiency

Poultry Proficiency

According to a study published by the ITAVI (Technical Institute of Poultry) in the magazine TeMA (2009) it has been shown that high quality bedding contributes to the comfort of animals and limits the appearance of lesions (blisters) on the wishbone.
These lesions occur when the animals stay in contact with a bedding area that is too hard, abrasive and moist.

Moreover, poorly maintained bedding has direct consequences on the musculoskeletal system of the animals (lameness) with impacts on the growth of the animals and the quality of the carcasses (increase of the seizure rate, decrease in the yield, injuries to the wishbone) (source ITAVI, 1997a, b Technical Institute of Poultry Farming)

Calibrate your straw according to your needs  “Bedding that is dry until the end of the batch”

Sarthre Didier is the manager of the "Poultry of Loué" business based in Bourdelèche, in North West France. He has three buildings with a total surface area of 420sq.m. and rears three batches per year. His wife Stéphanie manages the activity “Volaille Standard” (standard poultry) within four buildings with a total of 1100sq.m. and rears two sheds of turkeys in the village of Les Petits Parcs.

"A fine product and defibrated to absorb moisture well"

Poultry farming has been in the Leroux family for three generations. In October 2015 Mr. LEROUX attended a demonstration of the Teagle Tomahawk 505B organized by CRA ARNAGE. "I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product from this machine. The pieces of straw were very short, the stems broken apart and the length of cut was consistent. It was exactly the type of product I wanted for my poultry bedding".

Mr Leroux has owned a Teagle Tomahawk Bale Shredder since September 2015 and works with two types of screens. A 28mm screen, allows him to obtain straw of a length around 30mm. This screen is used for initial bedding of his poultry and of that of RENÉ. The machine is also equipped with a 20 meter hose. "I use it with a 20mm screen to repack my "LOUÉ "buildings. Using this method the machine stays outside the buildings".
"Everything is done in one pass, consistently milling the straw and spreading! "For the initial bedding Mr LEROUX has a special chute which allows him to spread straw behind the tractor while driving. Everything is done in one pass, chopping and spreading the straw. "It is important to have a homogeneous distribution of the litter so that the young poultry do not have to fight to feed and drink, it is the key to the success for the good development of a batch. In addition, the straw is very regular and well split, I no longer have the effect of "capping" that I had with milled straw. The litter I get with my machine is very absorbent and is regularly turned by poultry, which they could not do with milled straw. The litter therefore remains dry until the end of the batch.

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