“Best Thing I Ever Did”

“Best Thing I Ever Did”

Tomahawk 8500

Located in the rolling hills of south western Wisconsin is Glenmar-Dale Farms owned by the Martin Family. This family enterprise is under the stewardship of Brenda, husband Bryan and daughter Becky. Their 270-acre farm is home to the ninety head milking herd plus additional heifers. The herd is made up of Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshires, Holsteins, plus Red and White Holstein’s

Becky and her husband Mark Brown a local nutritionist, are regular exhibitors on the dairy breeds show circuit and they are recent class winners at the Wisconsin State Ayrshire Show. As regular exhibitors at the World Dairy Expo, Mark was familiar with the benefits of the machine and saw what a great asset the 8500 would be to the farming operation.

Brenda’s first view of the Teagle 8500 was two days later along with her son in law Mark. Impressed to say the least, on the way home she stopped by local dealer Hennessey Implement and ordered it there and then! Brenda says “Best Thing I Ever Did” we were struggling to bed cornstalks with our previous machine which needed repair. I asked the dealer staff when they delivered it do you think; will it will blow Cornstalks? There was a swift answer, It Blew the Workshop Clock of the Wall when we ran it up in the shop! So, I guess so.

We find the Teagle a lot faster and easier to use, it has great capabilities at blowing bedding deep into the barns. We are using it every other day bedding cornstalks on the farm. It is very affordable, uses a common-sense approach and makes our life’s easier and more efficient


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