We have healthier cows and a higher yield

We have healthier cows and a higher yield

Tomahawk 8150 Dual Chop

The farms in the cooperative are well located with cultivated land close to the rich historical area of Hradec Kralove. This ensures the operation is in touch with local nature and history, whilst remaining close to city life.

ZD Vsestary was established in the year 1992, based on a transformation project with a large number of members. An important milestone in the evolution of AC Vsestary involved external funding by Dutch company Vsestary Holland B.V. in 1998. AC Vsestary focuses on production of sugar beet, wheat, malt barley, rape, soya and feed crops such as corn or grass. A significant income is also generated through onion growing. Regarding livestock on the farm, the focus is clearly on the dairy herd which is producing an average of 10,400 litres/yr. 

In 2013 the farm purchased a Teagle Tomahawk 8150 Dual Chop through local dealer Vittaltech. Martijn Veening, the herd manager says, “We choose for a dual chop from teagle because of the flexibility and quality. We use it to chop straw for addition to the TMR wagon, and fill the bedding of the cows. The chopping system is able to cut the straw consistently short, better than the competition. Because of this we have healthier cows and a higher yield. We selected a Dual chop because of the diversity of use, filling bedding, and chop straw for feeding.”

So how has the Tomahawk fitted into the operation at ZD Vsestary? Martin adds, “We are happy with the machine because it is robust, and we have a good cooperation with the Teagle dealer so we know we have excellent service backup nearby.”