Best Barn has the Best Equipment in Loudoun County, Virginia

Best Barn has the Best Equipment in Loudoun County, Virginia

Tomahawk 8500

Don and Wendy are farming 300 acres’ total which is divided into 40 to corn, 10 to millet and the remaining acreage to a variety of haylage and hay. The 60x105ft “Best Barn” is home to 150 Angus Hereford cross cattle which are fattened up to 500lbs and then sold at auction at nearby Winchester Auction Mart.

Producing 350 4x5 net wrapped round bales annually for this operation the Denman’s focus on using marginal hay for bedding and the remaining for feeding.

Don researched many bale processor manufacturers and opted for the Teagle 8500 due to the ease of the wide body when loading, capacity, along with the ability to simply control and direct the discharge head. Wendy viewed the purchase as a unit that focused on safety, labor and efficiency. What was taking the Denman’s most of the day to bed is now done in less than an hour she says.

The Denman's are impressed with the “feet on the ground” controlled rear tailgate switch without having the need to jump up in the cab to raise the tailgate or forward the bed chain. Wendy is impressed the fact of the PTO shaft stand - stating it helps them quickly attach the 8500 to either their John Deere or New Holland tractors and has the added benefit of keeping the PTO shaft off the ground.

The cattle immediately take to the bedding presentation and frolic happily whilst the pens are being replenished says Wendy. They have also trench lined hay in the pasture as a supplementary feed and bedding making this a very flexible machine.

To the future a new vision, the herd will increase plus one they say, with the addition of a Jersey cow for their use, but after all is that not how it all starts?

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