The quadruple overlap pattern spreads fertiliser to 24m without any striping

The quadruple overlap pattern spreads fertiliser to 24m without any striping

Centerliner SX

Each year Nigel spreads around 5000 acres with his SX C-Tech 4000 working at a 24m bout width.

Nigel has run Centerliners for over 20 years, recently upgrading his fourth Centerliner to a CTech model with on-board GPS measuring forward speed. Nigel says that ‘when moving the machine from tractor to tractor this provides flexibility and accuracy as I know that this system will give me the correct reading’.

And why has Nigel stuck with the Centerliner? 

“I can cover a lot of ground, usually travelling at 10mph and covering around 300 acres/day.”

“The quadruple overlap pattern spreads prilled, granular and urea fertilisers to 24m without any striping, even when conditions are not ideal.”

“It is simple to use – whether using the SX or CTech model, with the spread charts and shaker box it is easy to find the correct spreader settings. Adjustment of working width is straightforward with no vanes to change. Headland spreading with a tilt system is simple, and the tilt can be set up for either left or right hand sides.”

And regarding servicing?

Nigel says that “it is simple to maintain as there is not really much to go wrong”.

Nigel chooses the Domex Hardened Vanes for the Centerliner and typically changes them every 2 years as ,”the hardened vanes are more cost effective”.

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