Tomahawk C120 launches at Lamma

Tomahawk C120 launches at Lamma

Processing perfection: Tomahawk C120 'Calibrator'

The Tomahawk was first released to make it easier for farmers to bed straw in loose housing or feed baled silage for livestock, and has been extended to meet the needs of operators looking for precision processed straw for bedding or feeding in modern TMR rations. Tomahawk models are now also found processing biomass for use in anaerobic digesters, or pelleting and briquetting applications, with electric drive Tomahawk models now available. 

These applications require precision in the length and condition of material being produced and increasingly high outputs to meet the needs of contractors and large scale dairy units. In response, in 2017 Teagle launched the Tomahawk C12 Tub Grinder, which is now in use in over 20 countries.  The C12 enables single operator use and homologation for safe use on highways. Importantly the machine allows quick screen changeover (direct from the ground), so that the operator can 'Calibrate' the material to precisely meet the needs of the application, from 100mm to an ultra-fine 5mm straw powder.     

In it's latest development, Teagle have released the 'Tomahawk C120 Calibrator' for Spring 2024 with a focus on increasing output further still, up to 15t/hr, and capability to process damp materials, with a focus on biogas applications. The popular grain milling hopper, an optional accessory, can now process up to 30t/hr. 

The new Tomahawk C120 updated features include: 

  • Ease of use : A round tub for straightforward loading (folding sides ensure legal transport width on highways) 
  • Greater output : A wider, longer and stronger twin ram conveyor, fed by an upgraded wider rotor housing system 
  • Improved durability : Sintered Tungsten Carbide hammers as standard  
  • Easier maintenance: Auto-greasing of main driveline bearings and auto oiler for tub drive chain

Components for the machine are now finished in a two coat powder paint system, the latest £2.5m investment in production facilities at Teagle Machinery.  

Want to see how it handles your applications, then click the 'book a demo' link below and you can test it for yourself.


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