Tomahawk 6200H launches at RCS

Tomahawk 6200H launches at RCS

Teagle Tomahawk 6200H bale processor

Tractor or Telehandler mounted – you decide!

Effortless bedding perfection for loose housing with round or rectangular bales - No PTO required!
Introducing the latest model in the market-leading bale processor range. The Teagle Tomahawk 6200H is available for the 2024 winter housing season and builds on the reputation of the Telehawk model launched in 2014. The Tomahawk 6200H features numerous upgrades and inherits all the convenience of hydraulic drive.

Greater flexibility
The Tomahawk 6200H now offers greater flexibility as it is can be set up for Tractor or Handler mounting with hitches available for most headstock variants and for three point linkage. The model also features a self-loading gate with a rigid bale beam to retain straw whilst processing. 

Cush drive incorporated
The tried and tested Wi-Fi control desk operates all functions, including the loading gate, as well as incorporating a pushbutton pause/resume spreading feature. For extended service intervals a Cush Drive has been incorporated to the updated crossbeater driveline.

Larger bale chamber
The bale chamber can accommodate round bales up to 1.5m (5’) diameter or full size rectangular bales up to 2.8m long. The low speed crossbeater with auto-reverse function gently teases the bale apart, minimising the amount of dust that is created and leaving straw long to create an effective bed structure, improving livestock comfort. Straw is evenly spread up to 13.5m in bedding areas via the 280° swivel chute with Hardox® wearing surfaces which delivers straw to either side or in front of the machine.

30% straw savings compared to manual bedding
This process ensures that straw in the bale is thoroughly separated to make use of every part of the bale and minimise wastage. Operators report up to 30% straw savings compared to manual bedding, as well as providing positive feedback on the quiet operation of the hydraulic system which minimises livestock disturbance.

Tractor or handler mounted
Because the machine can be front mounted, either on a handler or tractor front linkage, visibility of the bedding operation is improved, with the operator able to focus on livestock condition. Electronic controls manage the bale feed making it straightforward to set up and use, with a sensor automatically pausing, reversing and restarting the bed chain and crossbeater when required. The load sensing can be optimised for the bale type or tractor/handler with guidance from a pressure gauge so that the machine is always operating in the 'green' zone.'

Superior paint finish
All Teagle products are shot blasted and have a durable double powder coat finish. The £2.5m investment into the paintline, installed in 2022, is Teagle's latest commitment to continuous improvement in quality. Click here to find out more (video link?). All primary components are now robot welded to a modular design that ensures straightforward maintenance. 

Optional extras
Options include a Remote Loading gate switch, Road lighting kit (for highway use on tractors) and a Ski Jump Chute for bedding pig arcs or mulching straw under fruit trees.

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