Perfection in Straw Pelleting

Perfection in Straw Pelleting

Tomahawk 404M 505M 505XLM

In 2012 Zvoncin were searching for a reliable solution to chop 0.9m x 1.2m x 2.4m rectangular bales of straw to a consistent length of around 10mm for a straw pelleting plant. Having tried other systems without success, Marian Stasny of Teagle distributor Merkanta suggested an electric drive Tomahawk 404M.

The Tomahawk now works for 16 hours a day at an output of 1000kg / hr, although the Tomahawk is limited to around 60% capacity by the size of the dust extraction cyclone and the pelleting press. This output equates to around 70 bales a day, or an impressive 35,000 bales over the two year life of the Tomahawk.

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Pictured: Marian Stasny, of Slovakian Teagle Distributor Merkanta with the Teagle Tomahawk 404M processing straw for pellets.

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