Mill offers consistency to reduce sorting in TMR ration

Mill offers consistency to reduce sorting in TMR ration

Tomahawk 404M 505M 505XLM

Agrocoop Imeľ a.s. have a farm with around 800 high performing cows.

Great care is taken over the preparation of the feed commodities, with a focus on particle consistency to ensure that cows do not sort their ration.

Whilst a vertical auger mixer wagon was being used to process straw, Agrocoop were not achieving the consistent short chop length they wanted in the chopped straw in the ration, and it was taking too long to process the mix.

Feed specialist Marian Stasny of Teagle distributor Merkanta suggested an electric drive Tomahawk 505 Mill, fitted with a 28mm screen and blades.

Fitted with an electric feed conveyor the machine can easily chop a bale to around 25-30mm in around 10 minutes, with up to 8 bales being processed each day. The machine is located outside under a lean-to roof, operating quietly and efficiently, blowing chopped straw on demand directly into the feed commodity bunker.

The electric drive has proven to be an economical choice, with running costs reduced by around 50% compared to a tractor powered model.

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