Special Applications require Special Solutions for Organic Pig Farmer

Special Applications require Special Solutions for Organic Pig Farmer

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A key feature of the farm is it’s organic status which sees all pigs kept outside from farrowing to finishing.

To ensure that the pigs are comfortable, and consequently perform as well as possible, the use of straw bedding is critical. 

In 2007 the farm invested in a second hand Teagle Tomahawk 5080 from 1996, with capacity for two round bales or one Hesston bale. This machine ran on the farm for around 8 years before Ribers, the local Teagle distributor in Denmark were approached by Nicolaj Pedersen to develop a machine with capacity for more bales; the aim being to reduce the amount of time spent reloading the machine in the field.

The result was a bespoke design manufactured by Ribers, incorporating a Teagle Tomahawk 5050 straw bedder. The machine now has a conveyor feed table with capacity for up to 3 full size Hesston bales.

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The operator Henrik says, "it is a fantastic machine, absolutely fantastic. We have substantially reduced the time to bed down the pigs. In addition, the savings in time and improvement in the beds for the pigs enabled us to apply for a European grant under a scheme for 'technological solutions for labour reduction'"

Henrik adds – “there is a strategy to laying the bed to get the most out of the straw and provide comfort. We have both rye and barley straw available to us and find that the rye straw does not absorb moisture so quickly. We ensure that the bed does not get wet from beneath during winter by first laying a mat of rye straw, which we then top with a comfortable layer of barley straw.”

Nicolaj wanted to be able to save as much time as possible, so all hydraulic functions are controlled from the tractor cab, such as: Drum rotation direction and speed, chute direction and choice of chute, conveyor belt speed and direction.

The Tomahawk 5050 is fitted with a swivel giraffe chute and a special hydr. operated low level pig chute. The Rimach FT500 is supplied with big flotation tyres to be able to go in the field in all conditions.

Click to view video of machine working.

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