Consistent performer

Consistent performer

Tomahawk C120 Calibrator

John Haddy (JS Haddy Agricultural contracting) 
based in Kingdbridge South Devon. 
"Farmers are cutting their silage earlier to get better quality sugar levels, so now they need straw to balance the feed for a better ration. To support this need we purchased a Tomahawk C12. We found the C12 very simple to use and due to the machine being short, narrow and very compact, it’s easy to get around farmers yards and the narrow South Devon roads."
Because we are only using up to 200HP on the C12, load sensing is very important to us because it doesn’t overload the tractor, so we still get good outputs from the machine.” 
"With the C12 most of our work is done through either feeding straw and bedding straw, so we’re using two different screens - one to give us a 50mm chop length and the other one to give a 20mm chop length. To change the screens is relatively simple, it’s all done from the ground, from low level from the back of the machine. We haven’t had any problems with the C12 at all. I would recommend it to anybody."   


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