When we buy kit we want something that will last

When we buy kit we want something that will last

Super-ted Swath Conditioner

Last year over 24,000 tonnes of straw were procured and retailed, with over 6000 acres of straw from and around farms in Angus, Fife and Perthshire areas purchased and baled. Furthermore 80 acres of haylage and 80 acres of hay are baled off the farm and sold all over Scotland.

Attention to detail in producing a quality product is paramount when supplying to such a large customer base and Alistar uses a Super-ted 221, to ted and condition his straw (following a 40' header) and grass crops, "achieving fantastic work rates at a forward speed of around 10mph".

We are delighted with the performance and reliability of our Super-ted.

We use a Super-ted prior to baling as this lifts the crop off the ground, to not only aid drying, but the crop is more easily picked up by the balers, thus reducing mechanical damage to the baler pick up and allowing the balers to travel faster over the field.

We have other types of rake but they tend to knock the stubble flat and do not allow the straw bout to sit up on the stubble, and therefore allow drying from underneath as well. The machine is also very gentle on the crop and produces an even lump free swath which has not been shattered or broken down after being tedded several times.

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