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Box Tomahawk

Tomahawk Box Machines

Tried and Tested - The Farmers' choice for quality and reliability.

Silage Feeders & Straw Bedders

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Bed Cubicles / Straw Processing

Bed Loose Housing

Feed Clamp Silage

Feed Baled Silage

Tomahawk 7100 Tractor Mounted Bale Processor

Tomahawk 7100 Feeder/Bedder

Material Straw and Silage

Tomahawk 8100 Bale Processor

Tomahawk 8100 Feeder/Bedder

Material Straw and Silage

Tomahawk Chief 8500 Bale Feeder / Straw Blower

Tomahawk 8500 Bale Feeder / Straw Blower

Material Straw and Silage

Bale Processor - Tomahawk 9500

Tomahawk 9500 Straw Blower

Material Straw and Chopped Silage

Tomahawk 1010 Straw Blower

Tomahawk 1010 Straw Blower

Material Straw and Silage

Telehawk Straw Blower

Telehawk Straw Bedder

Material: Straw

Trailed and Mounted Box Tomahawks - Teagle Machinery Ltd.

Teagle make the widest range of  box type Bale Processors available from any manufacturer. With applications ranging from pre-processing straw for feed to delivering clamp silage to a barrier we have designed a model to suit your needs. The unique 'Dual Chop' system can chop straw or miscanthus as short as 50mm, whereas the massive 10m³ Tomahawk 1010 can be used as a combined Bedder/Feeder Wagon. These machines may also be known as Feeder Bedders, Bale Choppers, Straw Choppers, Straw Bedders, Straw Blowers, Silage Feeders or Bale Feeders. See our Tomhawk Drum range for Tub Grinders, Hammer Mills, Straw Mills, Straw Grinders and Commodity Processing.