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Centerliner Range


"It is simple to maintain as there is not really much to go wrong."

Nigel Sheers, Leominster, Herefordshire

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Capacity (Ltr.)

Bout Width

Centerliner SE Fertiliser Broadcaster

SE Series

Bout Width up to 18m

Capacity up to 1850 litres

Centerliner SX Precision Broadcaster

SX Series

Bout Width up to 24m

Capacity up to 3150 litres

Centerliner SXe Precision Broadcaster

Centerliner SXi & SXe

Bout Width up to 24m

Capacity up to 3650 litres

Centerliner Fertiliser Spreaders - Teagle Machinery Ltd.

Centerliner SE, SX and C-Tech precision fertiliser spreaders; designed for farmers with an emphasis on quality, ease of use and accuracy.

Teagle promotes the quadruple overlap distribution system. This robust spreading pattern is incredibly tolerant to sources of inaccuracy such as wind, variation in fertiliser characteristics and driver error.

Teagle offers a range of fertiliser spreaders that fulfils all European standards to accuracy of distribution and border spreading.