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Polymat Pneumatic Drill

Simple, Accurate and Reliable Sowing

Universal metering

Polymat Pneumatic Drill

Tillage & Cultivation

Product Guide

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Polymat universal metering device for Cereals and Prilled Seeds, hopper capacity of 820 litres.

The metering unit is fully adjustable and has a reduction setting for the use of fine seeds. A cleaning brush is supplied as standard.

The seeds are dropped into the air flow and transported via a specially shaped evevation column, then distributed evenly to the tubes by the distribution head.

Output rate of 1 to 360 kg/ha (Peas and Beans approx. 450 kg/ha)

Electronically controlled by the Polytronic E Seeder Computer which includes a tramline systemand low seed level signalling device.

Compatible with the Teagle Roterra and Multiterra machines.

300 series 24W 300 series 24P 400 series 32W 400 series 32P
Unladen Weight 960kg 910kg 1070kg 1040kg
Number of Coulters 24 24 24 32
Filling Height (mm) 1800 1950 1800 1950
Wheel Track (mm) 3080 N/A 4080 N/A
Working Width (mm) 3000 3000 4000 4000
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If you would like to download an Operators Manual or Parts Book for this machine please click here.

"Roterra – The club tines create a better seed bed"

Roterra Power Harrow

Nick Lindsay farms 215 acres at Bank Farm, Whittlesey, Cambs , with his father Tom. 150 acres are set to Winter Wheat, 45 acres to Beet and the remaining 20 acres Potatoes.

Nick runs a Teagle Polymat pneumatic drill for the Winter Wheat, mounted on a 3m Teagle Roterra Power Harrow. ‘The 3m working width suits the farm as it very compact and is better suited for transport on narrow roads’ says Nick.

Reasons for choosing a Roterra:

Nick and his father Tom have owned 6 Roterras, the most recent purchased in 2013. Nick says ‘The reliability has always been very good, and I like the club tines rather than the blades as they break down the hard clods / lumps on our heavy land much better. Under these soil conditions the club tines do not need to be changed so frequently, but replacement is straightforward enough with a single bolt’.  

‘We use the Roterras following a 4 furrow plough, it really does make a superb job .With the easy depth adjustment on the packer roller , various depth settings can be achieved , depending on varying soil conditions . The Roterras are so versatile , we use them for all the autumn drilling work and spring cultivations too!’ Tom adds ‘The additional steel at the end of the club tine means that they last longer’.

Nick purchased all the Roterra’s through their local dealer, L.R Boon & Sons Ltd ,Benwick, Cambs.  ‘When the Roterra was first  launched I think we were one of the first farmers in the area to take delivery of one’. So why did he choose a Roterra? Nick says ‘They last as long time as they are well built, so why change? With a history of good service, I know it will get the job done with ease’.

Polymat Pneumatic Drill

Nick has also been very pleased with the performance of the Polymat Polytronic II seed drill with the Winter wheat sown in 2013 looking well. The whole drill/Roterra combination is very compact and lightweight for its size. Altering the seed rate is very easy too, just a few turns of the handle does the job. The combination of simple setting and calibration, the straightforward land wheel drive and the low seed level sensor gives you piece of mind for the drilling operation’.

 In addition :

Nick and Father Tom own a Teagle Centreliner Superbowl fertiliser spreader . The same machine is now in its 18th season and still going strong . With just minor maintenance over the years, the 2000 litre machine spreading at 16m is very well suited to our farm size.  Fertiliser rate adjustment is very easy, just by moving a single pin on the metering scale .

Nick adds ‘When the time comes to change the Superbowl , I really like the look of the new Teagle SX C-Tech 6000 Centerliner Spreader‘.

Nick Lindsay, - Whittlesey, Cambs.


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