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Heavy Duty for Small Tractors

Suitable for Orchards, Amenity and Landscaping applications

EKR Flail Mower

Flail Mowers & Mulchers


  • Available in four cut widths from 1.15m, 1.25m, 1.45m to 1.60m.
  • Suitable for mulching grass, clearing undergrowth and material up to 2-3cm.
  • From 30HP to 55HP / Category 1 and 2 linkage 
  • PTO speed 540 or 1000 rpm with interchangeable pulleys.
  • Can be mounted either in-front or behind tractor (reverse drive also possible)

Outstanding Build Quality and Performance

  • All models are shot blasted and have a high quality paint finish. 
  • Rotor lifts fallen material and mulches to leave a fine finish.
  • Click here for more information about the benefits of the Teagle Flail Mower range.

Features for Reliability and Ease of Use

  • Teagle Flail Mowers and Mulchers have a range of features to ensure ease of operation and straightforward maintenance for a long and trouble-free service life.
  • Click here for details.

Why own a Teagle Flail Mower?

For results in the field there are no compromises.

Whether maintaining amenity areas, topping pasture or managing set-aside you can be sure that in one pass material is: 

  • Effectively lifted and cut - leave the field knowing that wheel marks and other fallen plants will not spring back.
  • Thoroughly mulched - to ensure fast breakdown of material and release of nutrients back to the soil.

Three Key features at the heart of the machine

1. High Rotor Speed

  • ​Rotor speeds in the Teagle range are amongst the highest in their class. This improves the ability to pick up fallen material, and subsequently mulch against counter blades under the machine body. 

2. Heavy duty Hammer Flails

  • ​A clean cut, even in heavy work - All models are fitted as standard with wide flails that typically weigh up to 30% more than the competition.
  • The angle of the cutting face ensures that material is lifted and cut cleanly from the ground.
  • When a foreign object comes into contact with the flail, the flail has a rear profile designed to fold back against the rotor tube without breaking either the heavy duty flail shank or flail bolt. 

3. Roller positioning

  • The height adjustable rear roller is positioned close to the rotor which gives the following benefits:
  • The rear roller is cleaned by the movement of the flails
  • Scalping is reduced because the roller follows contours in the ground closer to the rotor

    Robust Body with Counter Blades
    Click to enlarge

    Robust Body with Counter Blades

    The mulcher body is designed so that it retains it's strength even when solid objects such as stones impact the body from underneath.

    Two rows of counter blades are fitted underneath the hood to greatly increase mulching effectiveness.

    Heavy Duty Flails
    Click to enlarge

    Heavy Duty Flails

    The wide flails fitted to the EKR range generate a powerful updraught to lift fallen material.

    The angle of the cutting face ensures that material is lifted and cut cleanly from the ground.

    When a foreign object comes into contact with the flail, the flail has a rear profile designed to fold back against the rotor tube without breaking either the heavy duty flail shank or flail bolt.

    Belt Drive System
    Click to enlarge

    Belt Drive System

    The heavy duty belt drive system provides driveline protection and reliably transmits the high torque typically required in set-aside and heavy mulching applications.

    By simply interchanging the drive pullets the PTO input speed can be changed from 540 to 1000rpm.

    The belts are tensioned by means of a simple jacking screw at the pulley end of the gearbox and a clamp and adjuster bolt system at the PTO end.

    Heavy Duty Gearbox
    Click to enlarge

    Heavy Duty Gearbox

    The EKR range is fitted with a high quality heavy duty gearbox, proven to operate reliably, day-in day-out.

    The 'T' type gearbox has two inputs, for either front or rear mounting the mulcher.

    The gearbox has a built-in overrun clutch and an output shaft housing that has it's own lubrication system so that the outer bearing never runs dry on hillside work.

    Robust Headstock
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    Robust Headstock

    The headstock is bolted to the machine and can easily be reversed for front/rear mounting.

    Debris Protection
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    Debris Protection

    Pivoting steel flaps are fitted to the front of the machine to prevent debris being thrown up at the tractor.

    Roller Height Adjustment
    Click to enlarge

    Roller Height Adjustment

    The large diameter roller is adjustable to suit cutting height requirements.

    Bearings are set into the roller and are easily greased via shielded grease nipples. The risk of dust and debris ingress into the bearings is minimised by a labyrinth arrangement between the roller mounting brackets and the roller itself.

    The rubber flap above the roller reduces the risk of material being thrown upwards behind the machine.

    The flap is positioned so that is retains material within the hood until it has been thoroughly mulched.

    Robust Skids
    Click to enlarge

    Robust Skids

    Heavy gauge skids protect the machine and minimise the risk of scalping.

    Straightforward Maintenance
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    Straightforward Maintenance

    Routine maintenance is straightforward with greasing points readily accessible and protected from damage whilst the machine is operating.

    High Quality Walterscheid PTO Shaft
    Click to enlarge

    High Quality Walterscheid PTO Shaft

    All Teagle flail mowers are supplied with a Walterscheid PTO shaft as standard.

  • Robust Body with Counter Blades

    Robust Body with Counter Blades

  • Heavy Duty Flails

    Heavy Duty Flails

  • Belt Drive System

    Belt Drive System

  • Heavy Duty Gearbox

    Heavy Duty Gearbox

  • Robust Headstock

    Robust Headstock

  • Debris Protection

    Debris Protection

  • Roller Height Adjustment

    Roller Height Adjustment

  • Robust Skids

    Robust Skids

  • Straightforward Maintenance

    Straightforward Maintenance

  • High Quality Walterscheid PTO Shaft

    High Quality Walterscheid PTO Shaft

EKR Flail Mower

115 125 145 160 180 200
Number of drive belts 2 3 3 3 4 4
Tractor Linkage Cat. 1 & 2 Cat. 1 & 2 Cat. 1 & 2 Cat. 1 & 2 Cat. 1 & 2 Cat. 1 & 2
Width 1.27m 1.37m 1.57m 1.72m 1.95m 2.15m
Length 0.78m 0.78m 0.78m 0.78m 0.78m 0.78m
Height Overall with machine on ground 0.73m 0.73m 0.73m 0.73m 0.75m 0.75m
Cutting Width 1.15m 1.25m 1.45m 1.60m 1.80m 2m
Offset - 'A' (min./max.) 0.43m 0.62m 0.62m 0.72m 0.78m 0.95m
Offset - 'B' (min./max.) 0.72m 0.83m 0.83m 0.88m 1.02m 1.05m
Weight 280kg 295kg 320kg 345kg 400kg 440kg
PTO power required 30 - 70HP 30 - 70HP 40 - 70HP 40 - 70HP 50 - 70HP 60 - 70HP
Number of Flails 10 12 14 14 16 18
Application Compact Compact Compact Compact / Agricultural Compact / Agricultural Compact / Agricultural
Vehicle Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor
Mounting Position Front / Rear Front / Rear Front / Rear Front / Rear Front / Rear Front / Rear
Name Description Link
EKR Flail Mower Brochure Download File
If you would like to download an Operators Manual or Parts Book for this machine please click here.

"When you receive good, reliable service why change?"

AF/SSL Skid Steer Flail Mower

Nick Penn the owner of Wildside Limited grew up on a 250 acre mixed farming enterprise taking full responsibility for the business at the tender age of 18 years after the loss of his father.  In 1999 Nick left the tenanted holding and set up as an Agricultural Contractor, ploughing and baling straw for local farms.  After a dramatic change of circumstance, which necessitated a different source of income, he was given the job of fencing around a reservoir for a local landowner.  The rest as they say “is history”.  Wildside Limited was born.

The business has evolved since its humble beginnings and the company now specialises in a variety of environmental and ecological projects on a national basis for various consultancies and prestigious clients such as Natural England and Network Rail.  The core business is focussed on manipulating the local environment to ensure the nations “protected species” are looked after.  This can involve erecting “newt-fencing” (Nick claims to erect around 100,000 metres annually), clearing sites for development and maintaining vegetation to encourage and / or discourage various habitats.

A key tool; for this wide variety of work is a JCB 300T, 98HP, tracked skid steer with a Teagle AF/SSL 2 metres wide rotary flail mower.  Nick states the Teagle Flail Mower is a critical element to all commercial aspects of the business.  “A robust chassis to tackle everything put in front of us is a key factor but it must be reliable, flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of the business and ensure the habitat is protected whilst operations are taking place”.  The tracked skid steer loader reduces ground compaction and protecting underground vegetation (e.g. tree roots) and creatures living below the surface as well.  The large diameter roller on the AF/SSL ensures we cut vegetation without scalping the soil and reduces ground pressure from this heavy duty machine.

Nick previously owned a rear mounted Teagle TBM Flail Mower and had no hesitation in choosing Teagle again to meet the needs of his evolving business.  “A machine designed for professional applications backed by reliable local service, in this case, Farols at Hinkley”, the local Teagle dealer.

Nick goes on to say, “we recently undertook a contract along 11 miles of the A11 mowing verges near Thetford, reducing the vegetation to prevent wildlife, snakes in this case, establishing a new habitat next to a busy road” we encountered all sorts of debris during the mowing operation, including disused shopping trolleys, bed frames, a mattress and a number of old car wheels.  Although we take the best possible preventative action we still need machinery that will stand up to all sorts of unexpected foreign objects”.  “Not only did we have to cut the vegetation we either had to cart it away or thoroughly mulch the crop enabling quick decomposition back into the soil.  The AF/SSL did a tremendous job, under extremely difficult conditions reducing the cut crop to a mulch removing cost and additional carbon emissions to meet the requirements for our client”.

As the reputation of Wildside continues to grow the workload increases and Nick is now taking steps to expand his vehicle fleet in the near future and Teagle will be his first port of call:  “when you receive good, reliable service why change” is Nick’s philosophy.  “What we say is what we do” is the motto of Wildside Limited and Nick feels the same philosophy is promoted by Teagle, a British family business of 70 years standing.

Nick Penn, -


"We felt that the quality of this machine would be a good investment "

TFH/M Flail Mulcher

Mark Easter is Reserve Warden for Natural England at the 1600acre Goss Moor National Nature Reserve in Cornwall. Goss Moor is one of four such Reserves in Cornwall managed by Natural England and comprises lowland heath and a mosaic of wetland habitats. 

In order to maintain and enhance the reserve a flail mulcher was required to punch tracks through the encroaching scrub, a task that an existing rotary scrub cutter had struggled to manage, particularly in tussocks and rushes.

Mark reflects on the stringent justification guidelines set by Natural England for the purchase of the front mount Teagle TFH/M mulcher; “The Teagle was not the cheapest machine that we looked at, but we felt that the quality of this machine would be a good investment”.  

And after the first 18 months use how is the investment paying off?

Mark says, “the TFH/M is a fantastic bit of kit. We mount it on the front of our Massey 4355 for heavier growth, and on the rear for established tracks.  The hydraulic side shift is ideal for managing to the edges of ditches, and regarding reliability we have not had a single problem with it.”

Pictured – Mark Easter (Reserve Warden) and Phil Bowler (Senior Reserve Manager)

Mark Easter, Reserve Warden - Goss Moor Natural Nature Reserve, Cornwall


"I made the right choice"

DUAL Flail Mower

Ben Spear runs a 3rd generation 200 acre family farm in Trevilson, Cornwall. Around 100 acres is rented out, with the remaining 100 acres set to haylage and pasture, of which around 20 acres is used for DIY livery.  In addition, Ben spends around 2000 hours/yr contracting, mainly for a local potato grower.

In 2011 Ben was “looking for a flail mulcher, principally for management of grassland, but with the strength to undertake contracting work which can range from pasture topping, to set-aside maintenance,  to clearance jobs”.

Having looked at machines from several manufacturers, Ben “liked the compact design of the headstock and the robust build quality offered by the front/rear mount DUAL285 flail mulcher from Teagle Machinery in Cornwall. In addition the machine was competitively priced.”

“I used to run a mulcher with ‘Y’ flails but wanted something stronger, the flails on the DUAL are so hardy they have not needed changing yet. They are very versatile as the wide flails produce a very fine finish, I even used it to cut the grass around the marquee for my wedding!” 

And for heavier crops? Ben says “it is amazing how much faster well mulched material rots down”. 

The DUAL285 flail mulcher is stored inside, but aside from an annual check Ben says, “I don’t spend much time on it as it doesn’t need it, just a bit of grease each time it is used.”

And would Ben have another one? He says “Well, when is it going to wear out? – it is good for another 5 or 10 years!”

Ben Spear, - St. Newlyn East, Cornwall


"if I had to change I wouldn’t hesitate to have another one"

TSB Flail Mower

Versatile and Robust – “if I had to change I wouldn’t hesitate to have another one”

Peter Hosking runs a contracting business across an area of Cornwall stretching from Newquay to Penzance. Through the year Peter will find himself undertaking a variety of operations from hedgecutting to rotavating, baling or working with flail mulchers behind his Case 125.

Peter runs two Teagle flail mulchers, one a conventional TBM270, and the second, purchased more recently around 2 years ago, a TSB 250 high body mulcher.

Whilst the TBM270 has provided many years of good service, the TSB is now used in most applications because of it’s versatility and high performance.

“Contracting sees the flail mulchers used in a variety of applications from management of grass and set-aside areas with rushes, reeds, brambles and gorse up to 2” diameter to mulching Brassicas” – for which there is a substantial demand in South West Cornwall.

Peter has found that growers for whom he mulches residue crops “reduce the following discing operation from two passes to one, and they do not get as many blockages in the following planting operation, caused by stalks left in the ground.”

Whilst looking for a machine to complement the TBM270, but offer a little more versatility, Teagle suggested to Mr Hosking the TSB 250 model which lends itself well to a variety of applications.

Versatile - The high body means that there is massive capacity for mulching high volumes of material, such as residue from Brassica crops, or heavier set aside areas.

Robust - In addition the massive rotor tube, the long “T” type hammers lend themselves well to a landscape that often has granite close to the surface as they have a long break-back travel and consequently a large clearance between the hood and the rotor.

High Performance – the high rotor speed, and large tip-to-tip diameter of the flails generate a very high tip speed, 70m/s, which is around 50% greater than a conventional flail mulcher. This delivers a fine finish, as well as good mulching performance against the two rows of under hood counter-blades.

Having covered more than 3000 acres over the last 2 years, with only 2 bearings in the roller replaced, Mr Hosking is very pleased with the reliability of the machine – “if I had to change I wouldn’t hesitate to have another one”.

Despite the punishing range of applications the machine is still on it’s original set of flails – Peter notes “with the service from these flails I wouldn’t use anything but original flails from the manufacturer“.

The hydraulic rear hood was selected as this enables the operator to vary the mulching intensity, and so balance forward speed with power requirement and the amount of mulching required.

For example, Peter adds, “For rushes and reeds I drop the hood as the material needs more mulching”

Mr Hosking, - Cornwall


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